Wednesday, September 28, 2016

His Majesty, Grant Strobl, Challenges Michigan's Pronoun Fascism

Godspeed, your majesty.

   I can take one look at Grant's picture and tell you that we would not have gotten along at all when I was an undergrad... But things have changed. The far left is now completely insane. "Progressives" have split from liberalism, and they're basically on the side of the PC left. The smoldering remnants of liberalism...well...we're talking about people who might literally burst into tears if accused of're out. Also, they will usually defend anything conservatives attack...
   Only conservatives seem willing to stand up against this abject lunacy.
   Personally, I'll be pretty surprised if Grant doesn't get a visit from the local thought poli...uh...bias response strike force... I mean...making fun of totalitarianism?  That is not going to be tolerated in the academy, my friend...


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