Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Clinton Wins Debate 1

Looks like
   I guess HRC ought to just keep on keepin' on for debate 2. But I'd really like to see her fill in the gaps in the moderation by, say, pointing out that Trump doesn't have any substantive things to say about policy because he doesn't know anything at all about it. She should point out early on that he just repeats a handful of platitudes over and over. Maybe pick out a couple of them to explain in some detail--e.g. why manufacturing jobs aren't going to be coming back (though that's a dangerous one). The stuff ("renegotiate trade deals!") sounds ok if you're given to magical thinking, I suppose. So you've got to point out why it's a fantasy (when it is). Go one level down into the policy debate, and Trump's lost. Ridicule his scattered repetition of platitudes and you could, I think, make him look even worse.
   Trump's got some winning points, too, if he could just make them. This whuppin' might actually get him to commit a few of them to memory. Emphasizing the rise in violent crime (plausibly due to BLM and the Ferguson effect), law and order, etc. is probably a winner for him. I'm not sure how Dems can deal with those points. I suppose denial and "racism!" are their winning strategies, rhetorically speaking, there. And Trump's record on race doesn't exactly put him in a position to speak hard truths on the topic.
   This whole thing just makes me reflect on my basic view that it's basically always a contest between celebrities. Trump's just an extreme example. Celebrity is what gets people elected and puts them in a position to run for President. Hilary's basically a political celebrity. But she's a celebrity who at least cares about and learns about and knows about public and foreign policy. Trump, on the other hand...what a damn mess that guy is.


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