Wednesday, September 28, 2016



   Seriously, I couldn't even get myself to read all of this...and I love this stuff. Because I like feeling superior to other people. Because that's the kind of guy I am. But this...this was too damn dumb even for me to finish. I don't like feeling that superior to other people. I know that making fun of posts at Everyday Feminism is like shooting fish in a barrel... But gah, this one...
   The thing is, this isn't about naturally-occurring stupid. That, we just have to live with. This is about a strain of stupid created in academia. A theory. A method of (pseudo-)inquiry. A set of conclusions and values and philosophical positions that instills stupidity in people. People infected by this dumbassery can't think rationally anymore. They become obsessed with pop-culture bullshit, race and "gender" (not even sex!), minutia of trendy jargoneering and niche moral obsession... Gah!
   Just like a good theory can make you smarter, a bad theory can make you dumber. Learn sound methods of reasoning and inquiry, and it's like gaining 20 or so points of IQ. Learn unsound ones, and you're now basically running a stupidity emulator on your formerly-just-fine wetware... You'd have been just fine if you hadn't fallen in with the wrong crowd--lit-critters or gender-studiers or whoever...the purveyors of the post-post-modern mishmash of bad theories...
   I know it's a really dumb article about a really dumb topic. But I think it's an illustrative example--and example of the dumbification of our discourse. It's a kind of esoteric cult-speak. People ought to be as concerned about this as they would be if all of a sudden Scientology jargon and beliefs started cropping up all over in our public discussion.
   It's like the pod people are taking over...and they're all really, really dumb.

   Also don't miss the bit about how IT'S FOR HUNTING HUMANS!!!!!111

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