Friday, August 26, 2016

The University of Chicago Stands Up For The Idea Of the University

   In a letter to incoming freshmen, Chicago expresses its commitment to freedom of inquiry and expression, and explicitly rejects "safe spaces," "trigger warnings," and "deplatforming."
   I had to make hard decisions about where to go to grad school. One of the schools I turned down was Chicago--not something a kid from a farm in the Ozarks who went to a (basically) open-admission land-grant college with two directions in its name does lightly. Though I've always been happy with my decision about where to go, I also think fondly about the places that were willing to give me a chance, even though I couldn't accept the offers.  Anyway, there's no point to this. I'm weirdly fond of all sorts of universities for weird reasons. I just like universities, basically. But I'm feeling particularly warm and fuzzy about Chicago right now, as they seem to be taking point in this battle.
   So good on, Chicago. I think I'm gonna send 'em some money.


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