Wednesday, August 31, 2016

More On The Inconsistency Between Liberal Views on Incarceration and Rape

   Though this person uses the term "rape culture" apparently with a straight face, so...  
   Oh, and here's a quote:  "There is a culture of rape."  But, there really isn't.
   God, liberalism is in a tailspin. The only arguments that liberals seem willing to accept against dumb liberal positions are opposing dumb liberal arguments. It's reasonably well-known that the kinds of massive reductions in incarceration rates that the left wants can't be achieved without releasing some violent criminals. But that doesn't seem to phase the left...until somebody says "rape culture!" in response. I suppose rape is the only violent crime that counts...


Blogger The Mystic said...

I wonder if this sort of contradiction within a movement isn't the result of a movement really being composed of a variety of loose alliances among separate sub-movements.

The people aiming for massive reductions in incarceration, for example, probably don't overlap a lot with the rape crisis hysteria folks. My guess is that there's just a sort of tacit alliance between a bunch of movements that have found their home in "progressivism" and they basically just agree not to attack each other. The whole isn't really a well-thought-out position, but just a jumble of folks who have allied in support of one another's views to combat perceived common enemies.

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