Friday, August 12, 2016

If Trump Doesn't Release His Tax Returns, Then Don't Vote For Him

   Here's the way this dialog goes every time it comes up:
A: Trump should release his tax returns
B: He can't because he's being audited!
But the next move is:
A: Well then, no one should vote for him. Every candidate releases their tax returns. Nobody should vote for a candidate who doesn't release their tax returns. Trump won't/can't release his tax returns. So no one should vote for him. It's not illegal not to release them. But we shouldn't vote for anyone who won't/can't. Trump's I'm being audited! response isn't a reason for exempting him from releasing his returns--it's a reason for not voting for him--for eliminating him as a serious candidate.
   Of course it's all bullshit anyway. There's never been any plausible explanation of why the audit is relevant. The IRS has the information. They're not going to get any new information just because we all get the same information they have.
   Just more bullshit from the world's most prominent bullshitter.


Blogger Aa said...

It also begs the question why doesn't he legally have to?

Whenever you assume a role in government you must provide statements about any financial dealings, etc., for potential conflicts of interest. At my crappy University I, briefly, had a role where I had control of a budget...and had to sign the appropriate state forms listing assets and agree to let them look at my tax returns.

It's strange that it's not a legal requirement

2:02 PM  

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