Friday, July 15, 2016

"Transgender" "Woman" Charged With Voyeurism For Photographing Woman In Target Dressing Room

   So, everyone realizes that this guy is a guy, right? He's a man in a dress who claims to be a woman, but isn't. The liberal cultural vanguard has decreed that we will accept the PC theory that such people are women, despite its obvious falsehood. We will not disagree, and we will not question.
   Oh, and, we will not point out that there is significant psychological evidence that men who like to pretend they are women are heterosexual and acting out a sexual fetish... So, in effect, it has been declared mandatory that we all participate in their sexual fetish, on pain of being declared bigots. Oh and: in NYC and DC: on pain of fines up to a quarter of a million dollars...
   So I'm it also mandatory to act surprised at news stories like this?

   And, as always: I'm cool with people living their lives like they want to live them. I see no good reason (other than aesthetic ones) why men shouldn't wear dresses, make-up, etc. if they want to. But, as a matter of some fairly simple definitions and undeniable facts, doing so won't make them women. It's really alarming to me that so many people have been so easily brainwashed/bullied into pretending otherwise.


Blogger The Mystic said...

Yeah, and you know the left's propensity for denying any substantive distinctions between populations means that the fact that transgender folks seem to have a far higher incidence of severe mental problems (let alone the probability that what's being pitched as their identity is nothing beyond an elaborate sexual fetish..) will be denied and/or attempted to be explained purely by oppressive social forces and whatnot..

So... it may well be that a looming increase in incidents such as this and the decreasingly-easy-to-deny statistical evidence that the individuals responsible are indeed suffering from psychological disorders is what's required to rile up sufficient force against the crazy left.

I'm afraid it may take some hard, unpleasant evidence to convince moderate Democrats to reject the psychotic left, just as an increase in discoveries and publicity of life-ruining false rape accusations might be what is required to stymie the rape crisis hysteria.

For the political problem facing a responsible citizen is not so much in proving the truth, but really, it is in preventing the nature of that proof from becoming too terribly costly.

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