Thursday, July 07, 2016

Obama's Comments On Sterling and Castile Cases

   I missed some of the comments in the middle, but what I heard was--just to spew my impressions--great, as usual. That guy is just so damned reasonable. It shouldn't be such a rare virtue. You'd think it'd be one of the more common ones. But it seems to me to be strangely rare.
   I couldn't agree more with him than when he indicated that this is a problem that people of good will should be able to agree about, to at least a large extent.

   However...we don't quite know precisely what happened in either case. It looks very, very bad in both's a bit difficult to fill in the blanks in ways that exonerate the police officers...but, then, that's what we thought about the Michael Brown case at first. I am inclined to think that the President should have waited to address the shootings...but perhaps he has information we don't.


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