Thursday, July 21, 2016

Intersexed Person Can't Get Passport

   Dana Zzyym is intersex(ed), genuinely neither male nor female and, as a result, cannot get a passport. Needless to say, that's unjust. It's not some evil thing the government has done--it's just that people haven't previously been sufficiently aware of this condition. But everybody is now. So the policy has to change.
   Note also that the problem here, contra the Post's headline, is not that Zzyym doesn't "identify" as male or female. The "identification" nonsense is...well...nonsense... The challenge Zzyym faces is that they're really, truly, as a matter of objective fact neither male nor female--i.e. of indeterminate sex. This isn't your standard-issue women's-and-gender-studies nonsense about "gender identity"... This is an object physical condition that affects some small percentage of the population. And, incidentally, the incoherent nonsense flying around about transgenderism isn't going to make things any easier on people like Zzyym.


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