Friday, June 03, 2016


   Here's something that should garner several thousand new votes for Trump. I don't really get the first 25's got a kind of Damien Omen '16 vibe...but after that, it's pure win for Captain Combover.
   And that's to some extent rational. Elections frequently involve choices of the lesser evil. Trump's a dangerously stupid jackass...but he stands opposed to an alliance of rioters and thugs, lunatic leftists, PC academicians...and a liberal media that just spent more time (this evening) talking about "Look at my African-American over here" than about the physical attacks on Trump supporters. Barely any mention of the fact that the mayor of San Jose blamed Trump for the violence--something that would elicit howls of "victim-blaming!" were the tables turned...but CNN et al. would explode if the tables were fully turned. Imagine a crowd of white males assaulting, threatening and humiliating a Hispanic woman. The outrage would be off the scale. And that would be an appropriate level of outrage...
   Trump should have no chance of winning. And he's a man of few virtues. So his winning strategy is to argue that there  is less difference between his side and the other side than it might seem. Which, as it turns out, there is... 400 punk-ass hoodlings is not much of a danger--unless lots of them catch you doing something they don't approve of, of course... But an alliance of powerful entities dedicated to protecting the perpetrators and down-playing/excusing the violence...that's a big, big problem. One might reasonably look at this stuff and start thinking that Trump doesn't really look all that bad by comparison...
   A lot is going to depend on how HRC and the Dems react to this. (Though most of the audible chants were chants of "Bernie"...)


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