Sunday, June 05, 2016

Update: "Trump's African-American"

1. Not a Trump supporter
2. Not put off by Trump's comment
3. According to NPR, it was Trump's use of 'my' that was causing people to get their petticoats in a riot.
   I really wish that liberals would sit down and think about how they went wrong in this case. Because they have worked themselves into a collective state of mind that drives them to make such mistakes fairly reliably. It's like the Satanic Panic...but with racism instead of...cultists or whatever.
   It is wrong to make irresponsible accusations. And the more serious the charge, the more serious it is to make it irresponsibly. If liberals--or "progressives" or whatever--don't care about doing wrong, perhaps they might care that this sort of thing helps Trump.
   Of course...if "progressives" don't care that they're prone to irresponsibly and falsely accusing people of having a very serious moral flaw, then maybe there isn't really that much difference between the two sides after all...


Anonymous rotgut said...

Yeah, it didn't really strike me as racist, but I think "tone deaf" is probably right, though that's obviously a much less serious charge than being a racist. It immediately struck me as on par with the people (often racists (often relatives or other people I know)) who are really eager to point out that they have a black friend. His comments were that cliche writ large. Not racist, but a pretty terrible way to try to show that you're not racist given that it's become a joke of sorts. Whoever mentioned tokenism in the comments below seems to me closer to what the issue is, insofar as there is anything there to make an issue of.

10:29 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

Yeah, that seems reasonable to me.

It was odd, that's for sure.

I'm just sick of all the pearl-clutching over this kind of stuff. If you drop the n-bomb or say something that's otherwise clearly racist, that's one thing. But saying something that gives a vague sense of offense to people who spend all their time looking for things to feel offended about...well, that just carries no weight with me.

Dude said something awkward / tone-deaf / whatever. Professional offense-takers on the left, who already hate him and have already decided that he's Literallyhitler, start sputtering incoherently about how it's obviously racist...but they can't decide why...


A pox on both their damn houses.

10:49 PM  

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