Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Stanford Swimmer Gets Six Months For Rape

Caught in the act--there's no doubt that he's guilty.
IMO six years isn't sufficient.
Six months is an outrage.


Blogger The Mystic said...

It's completely amazing that there is even any attempt to defend him. He was on top of an unconscious girl behind a dumpster. He ran when he was caught.

What. the. fuck.

In all honesty, however, there are few venues (other than this blog!) where I could say what's on my mind about this issue, and that is:

It seems to me that our society does promote basically everything up to this point. He was at a college party, the notorious sex factories of life whose experience are the touted as the penultimate accomplishment of young male life. Movies and music shove this theme down the throats of everyone all day long until they're 18 and staring at incapacitated women at one of those very parties, themselves.

This dumb fucker, raised by an obviously equally stupid father, never had a chance in such an environment. He was reportedly struggling to fit in socially, and his goofy ass probably actually justified this in his head because this was what he envisioned to be that thing everyone keeps ranting and raving about so heavily. He probably found this girl wasted out of her mind on the dance floor (probably alongside more than a few others in similar states), saw all the vulture-like guys standing around waiting for their turns, and just "went for it", as I'm sure he planned to tell his friends later. Why not? I guarantee you almost literally (if not literally) every single guy he knows had at least one story that basically amounts to rape to jovially share with his amigos over some buds.

I lived through this. It is approximately 0% hyperbole. I saw the nightly attempts by almost literally every single college-aged male I knew to willfully encourage the women they would meet to get blind-stinking drunk while they, themselves would get wasted (I guess partially to absolve themselves of culpability) to a lesser extent, and then they'd find a way to get somewhere they could have sex. The women wouldn't be totally unconscious in most of these stories, but they were definitely black-out drunk (or indistinguishable therefrom) in the majority of them, and always their decision-making capabilities were severely impaired, for that was the purpose of this entire exercise.

11:40 AM  
Blogger The Mystic said...

When I was 21, I decided that rather than playing video games that night (as was my standard operating procedure in outright refusal to participate in any way with this disgusting insanity), I might loosen up, venture out, and just see what kinds of shenanigans were going on that night. My roommates were out trying to get laid, as was the nightly goal, and so I just set off on my own to see what I could find.

Immediately, I saw two girls passed out in a yard in front of an apartment with crude cardboard signs hanging around their necks reading "Joe's beer bitch" (with different names marking ownership over each of the women, of course). Utterly revolted, I debated whether or not I should intervene in some fashion (but how, really?), but immediately a random person called out to me and asked me to "make sure she gets home ok", gesturing at a girl who was absolutely black-out drunk.

He didn't know me, she didn't know me. I was a 230 pound amateur bodybuilder and he just decided, I guess, that he would rather stay at his party than walk her to her apartment just a few blocks away. Why not just toss her off on some hulking stranger? Who cares.

Fortunately for her, I took this as my chance from God to do some good that night before I retreated back to my video games, and I walked her back to her apartment. She could hardly speak, and so I stayed to make sure her key actually worked (she tried the wrong building first), and then she asked me if I was "staying with her" that night. I told her "No, you don't even know me," and she asked me what I was talking about, so I therefore told her to lock her door and go to bed. She seemed to comply.

This is what happens literally every single day at college, as far as I can tell. I was so disgusted by it, I didn't even know what to do. But it makes me think there just might be something to this "rape culture" term that gets bandied about by typically-less-intellectually-coherent folks. I mean, I could go on and on - that was just one night of many that featured similarly horrifying stories. Every single night I decided to actually go out, I witnessed the obvious precursor to what amounted to little more than chemically-assisted rape. Of course, the women always voluntarily intoxicated themselves to this extent, so the pathetic assholes had a pretty easy time of it.

And I wish I could say it was "just some pathetic assholes", but I can only assume the guys who weren't involved were, like me, not to be found on the scene at all, because it sure seemed like every single guy at those parties was out to borderline (or completely) rape someone each and every night.

So this time, we caught one stupid douchebag who was too stupid to even not get caught. There were frat guys raping unconscious girls in the privacy of their own rooms that night; this kid just tried it in a more public location. If she had awakened in his room the next morning, there would have been no trial. She would have just had to have moved on with her life, though approximately the exact same thing occurred. Only the abject incompetence of this rapist gave him away in this particular instance.

I don't know what value any of that rant might have, but I felt like saying it, so there.

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