Wednesday, June 08, 2016

"Stanford Saga Shows Why Justice System Should Handle Campus Sexual Assault Cases"

I think I disagree with Stuart Taylor about a lot...but he's done very good work, e.g. on the Duke lacrosse rape hoax.
I do not understand this piece.
I might understand were it titled "Justice System Should Handle Campus Sexual Assault Despite Astonishing Stanford Rape Saga"...
But I do not see any possible way that this injustice can possibly show why the justice system etc.
That's some bullshit right here.


Blogger The Mystic said...

...what the hell kind of outcome would show to Mr. Taylor that the justice system shouldn't handle this sort of case?


Is he trying to pull a Trump here? He's taking blatantly obvious counter-evidence to his point and simply talking about it as though it's evidence for him.

It seems that the past few months are teaching us: if you say something assertively, aggressively, and frequently enough, you can quite easily run roughshod over those who would dare question what you have classified as an obvious observation.

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