Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sacramento: Crazy Lefties Make Nazis Look...Well...Slightly Less Terrible...By Comparison

   So apparently a gang of about 120 people possibly called By Any Means Necessary attacked a group of about 30 neo-Nazis in Sacramento. The Nazis--a group called The Traditionalist Worker Party--had a permit for their demonstration. The Southern Poverty Law Center identifies the TWP as a hate exactly hard to figure that out... Also, the SPLC has gone crazy lefty and can't really be trusted anymore.
   A representative (the leader?) of By Any Means Necessary explicitly says that the group will try to shut down such events even if they're legal. Don't miss her citing one of the group's chants in support of their position. (Note: the chant does not begin 'hey hey, ho ho...' so I'm not sure it's a legal chant for a leftist organization...)
   So that's what yer contemporary lefties think of the First Amendment, boys and if that weren't fairly clear already...
   Several people injured, some having been stabbed.
   Kind of interesting sidebar: I think that the leader of the TLP is the same kid who tried to get a white student center started at one of the Maryland schools a couple of years back. Also, when he gave the TLP's blurb on the news, I couldn't tell whether he was with the crazy righties or the crazy lefties. Of course, the crazy extremes are often pretty damn hard to tell apart...
   Though if a group of 120 Nazis attacked a group of 30 lefties, I don't think the media reaction would be as subdued as this one has been...


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