Tuesday, June 21, 2016

No Brexit Because HITLER!!!

Well there's this from Max Boot.
No Brexit because HITLER!!!!!
The EU was disunited just before HITLER!!!!!
Who'll protect the Baltic states from HITLER PUTIN???
But what about natural gas, huh?
Am I wrong or is Boot's argument pretty crap?

   I'm not passionately in favor of the Brexit. I don't deserve an opinion on the matter because I don't understand the issues. In my gut, I'd kind of like to see  that it's possible to reverse the trend toward more centralized control. Like many Americans, I've got a strong sentimental attachment to to England... It doesn't bother me that Spain and Finland are partially controlled from Brussels...but the UK is different.
   This is just a report on my psychology. I have no good reasons. Overall, Brexit might be a bad thing. But part of me will breathe a sigh of relief at tangible evidence that we're not all on track to be sucked up into some kind of Political Borg.
   Very irrational.
   No need to rub it in.
   I'm well aware.


Blogger Aa said...

John Oliver had a really good take on it this past Sunday.


If Oliver is right, and from what little I've researched it I believe he is, there are no real advantages for Britain in leaving other than psychological (e.g., National Pride).

9:18 AM  
Blogger The Mystic said...

I am interested in more explanation of the "Political Borg" remark. It makes me sad to think that a(ny?) large political organization whose members have joined voluntarily and may secede at their own will would be doomed to be characterized as such.

I have some hope that humanity will dissolve nation-state boundaries at some point, but that's largely because, despite recognizing the need for a beneficent governing authority to resolve conflicts and maintain stability, I hate nation-states and hope for some sort of utopian single-state solution with bare-minimum regulatory powers and adequate resources for their enforcement.

But if it should be seriously considered that even the EU merits qualification as Borg-like, maybe my optimism is even more foolish than I thought?

10:03 AM  

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