Monday, April 11, 2016

The Far Right And The Far Left Both Still Want to Control What's In Your Mind...And Your Pants

   Obviously cherry-picked research is obviously cherry-picked.
   I do think that we might ought to think a bit about the effects on kids of seeing extreme types of porn from the get-go. And there's nothing wrong with being reflective about such things in general. And it might even be good to have some scientific conclusions about such things...  But this screed is pretty obvious nonsense. I've read summaries of enough studies over the years to have a high degree of confidence that evidence here has been cherry-picked. And we know, in general, that we can't trust sociology and social psychology to be objective when their research intersects with politics.
   Both the far right and the far left have retreated on the porn issue for several years...but probably just because they were losing. I have no sense of what the right might do, but there's no doubt in my mind that the anti-sex fringe of feminism etc. will be back eventually. There's a strong drive on the left to be leftier-than-thou...and, of course, their bugbear is the dreaded straight(white) really can't be long before the forces of anti-eroticism return in a major way.
   The more pressing issue in my mind is why so much pr0n is so godawful terrible... Now there's an issue that really needs to be addressed...

[And: people on the left really do have to start worrying about the medicalization of everything. Almost anything really important will have some implications for public health. If "experts" get to wade in and effect policy on anything, then we really do get rule by bureaucrats (and pseudoscientists).]


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