Thursday, April 21, 2016

Professor Reluctant To Write Recommendation For Pro-Gun Student

link many professors out there are so intolerant of any deviation from their own political positions that they are unwilling to write recommendations for students who so deviate? Well, at least one of them thinks it is a tough enough call that they're willing to publish a piece in the Chronicle discussing their anguish. Well...moderate discomfort. Gosh...I just don't feel literally 100% comfortable with my irrational totalitarian intolerance of those who disagree with me, nor with my misuse of my position of authority to punish such disagreement. What do you think guise?
   It's good news that the author wrote under a pseudonym. That indicates that this is over the line even by the standards of academia. And the comments are scathing. So that's something.
   This could just be one case...but I very much doubt it. Even a passing familiarity with current events in the academy should make one suspect that the author isn't a radical outlier. Especially given that, I'm inclined to think that our contempt for the author ought to be tempered by our appreciation for their bringing this attitude out into the relative open.


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