Friday, April 15, 2016

Liberalism Continues to Lose Its Mind, ThinkProgress Is Full Of Shit, and John Kasich Meets Rape Crisis Hysteria

Liberals have not always been this stupid, have they?
There's no possible way I was just not noticing this stuff before...
This has to be new... There's just no way I was simply missing this stuff before...

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Blogger The Mystic said...

Did they use the claim that rapes have been decreasing since 1979 to support their claim that alcohol intake has nothing to do with rape while simultaneously asserting that we are currently experiencing a crisis-level epidemic of rape?

That was quite the rhetorical mistake.

Easy to commit when you're absolutely full of bullshit, I suppose. Somehow, it was still surprising to me (though I don't read this garbage very often, so I'm not sure how common such a mistake is? Seems like they would avoid any and all potential indicators that rape, as a problem, has become any less severe when compared to anywhere, ever).

7:16 AM  

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