Monday, April 11, 2016

Bullshit Watch: Jennifer Cook: AI Reinforces A Toxic Desire For Passive, Easily-Dominated Women

   It's not merely that this is utter bullshit, as if that weren't enough.
This is the type of bullshit that has taken over much of the humanities and some of the social sciences. It's not merely that Cook is's that she's full of shit. It's that she's learned a method of reasoning that virtually guarantees that the only thing she can produce is bullshit. Being mistaken about this issue or that one is normally not such a big deal. Being mistaken about how you should reason about things in general...that is a big deal.
   As I've said before, this nonsense produces what are essentially free-associative prose poems (bad ones, too, aesthetically speaking...) that move inevitably, via utterly crackpot non sequiturs, to their pre-ordained politically correct conclusions. And, of course, fashionable and utterly idiotic terminology is scattered liberally throughout.
   But I'm not going to waste time on this crap.
   Though I think I really should point out just a couple of things. First, hammers are not particularly phallic. Second, (spoiler alert) the robot in Ex Machina kills its tormentor. Third, a lot of people, myself included, just find women's voices more pleasant. Fourth... oh, to hell with it. This stuff is just moronic. You've got to be an idiot to take such crap seriously. I'm done with this.


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Broken link. I don't see anything newer there than 2012.

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Thx PM

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