Friday, March 04, 2016

Mittens Contra Trumpery: A Swing And a Miss

   Too little too late too lame.
   Honestly, given the chance to push a button and take Mittens for our next President, I might just do it. FSM help me. I think we've got to admit that there's a greater-than-1% probability that Trumpo the clown could be President. And an even better/worse chance that Cruz could be. The latter is my current nightmare scenario... Wait... They're both nightmare scenarios... But anyway... I think it's fairly clear that the GOP is going to stop Trump. As much as they hate Cruz, I'm starting to worry that they might actually take him instead. bad could Mittens be? I mean...he accepts an unusually wacky and cultish branch of the locally-preferred myth...  That's pretty worrisome... But...he's rich!  I mean, really rich! And, like, you know...classy rich. Like, faux old-money rich. So he probably really hates Trump's rich schtick. And more importantly, he probably doesn't want to shake things up too much... Seriously, how much better could things get for rich people around here? Why risk it?
   Also, Mittens probably isn't Damien, Omen 2016...which...not to put too fine a point on it...Cruz is. What I'm saying is that he may actually, literally, be the AntiChrist. Or Tiamat. Or Nyarlathotep maybe. That is to say that Cruz might actually be looking forward to destroying the world. Killing everybody is what I'm saying. But Mittens?  Nahhh...  Right? I'm right about that, right?
   Also, my theory is that a Republican President tends to slap sense into liberals, getting them to turn their backs on political correctness / social justice crackpottery. So that's a plus...
   Anyway, Mittens blew it. Like Rubio, he's just not very good at crass, idiotic bullshit. Trump is a shallow, idiotic blowhard at his core. There's nothing more to him. He doesn't demean himself by slinging moronic insults because that's really who he is. He's a guy with a big mouth who inherited a lot of money. He can and will say anything with a semi-straight face...the straightest face he ever gets, since he's a fundamentally unserious person...  Mittens and Rubio, whatever else you might think of them, at least aren't any of those things. So they can't really pull off the insult comic act. Not without diminishing themselves, Anyway. And really, can either of them afford that?
   Add to this that there are what seem to be at least semi-credible reports that Mittens is thinking about the candidacy himself... That alone blew it! Why is the GOP so bad at this? Isn't this the party of Lee Atwater, Karl Rove and Jim Baker? How is it that they're so good at sinister, sneaky, nefarious rhetorical and electoral shenanigans against the Dems, but so bloody bad at it against Trump? Who's brilliant idea was it to take a guy who (a) they're thinking of putting forward to depose Trump and using him to (b) take their biggest swing at Trump? If I know Trump voters--and of course I don't, because, like everybody else like me, I never meet them...but I've made up many things about them in my head, so I think I can speak with some authority here--they're driven largely by poorly-formulated conspiratorial myth-making. And this Romney thing is exactly the kind of idiocy that's going to fire them up even more. In fact, it may even show that they're right about some shit. Think about that, huh?
   Anyway, a swing and a miss by Romney. Worse. A swing and a wiff that probably non-trivially strengthened Trumpo's already-not-inconsiderable tailwind. Nice work, GOP. You guys are good for just about exactly nothing.


Blogger tehr0x0r said...

I said almost the exact same thing to my admin assistant today, Mitt has his issues, but frankly he couldn't be that bad and if it came down to him vs. Mrs. Clinton, I'd take Mittens.

I mean, at least Mitt was a governor, so he has some idea of how to run a government. And although I'm not sure that being a good businessman has anything to do with being a good president, but at least Mitt was a good businessman. Unlike Drumpf, Mitt made his investment grow.

I mean, do you remember when the most insane thing that the Republican candidate for president said was that he wouldn't worry about 47% of the country because they would never take personal responsibility? Damn, I long for those days now.

8:33 PM  

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