Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Bernie, Hillary and Ted: The Horror, The Horror

   Tried to watch the Bernie and Hillary show, but the panderfest was just too painful. I agree that kids who come here fleeing violence should be given special consideration. In fact, that's one reason I'm appalled at people who won't support reducing ordinary illegal immigration. We can only let in so many people, and priority should be given to those seeking asylum. Economic hardship is very, very bad. But I think we should give priority to those fleeing actual danger, e.g. women from the Congo. But if I heard Bernie and HRC right, they just both promised not to deport any law-abiding illegal aliens. Which means: if you can sneak across the border, then you get to stay as long as you don't break any laws (other than immigration laws, presumably...).  That's edging in the direction of a de facto open borders policy. Hillary at least had a level enough head to dissemble and obfuscate. Bernie (straight shooter that he is, God bless 'im) just came right out and said he wouldn't deport anybody who was following the law. It's the Univision debate, of course, so they are frantically trying to out-pander each other on the immigration issue.
   Cursing bitterly, I turned the channel...only to see...:
   Faux News...and Megan Kelly interviewing Ted Cruz...who, if he is not actually a serial killer, probably ought to be.  Has anyone else noticed that there is something very seriously not right about that guy? I'm not even kidding. Something about him is  Also, he seemed to have a trained pseudo-posse in the audience behind him, grinning from ear to almost the whole time and shaking their heads enthusiastically [nodding! Nodding their heads enthusiastically! I seem to have some kind of minor mental glitch with respect to the shaking / nodding distinction...] as if on cue. Creepy. As. Shit.
   Alright suck six ways from Sunday...but, lucky for you, the GOP is still crazier. Probably still a good 12-18 years before the blue line crosses the red line on the crazy graph.


Blogger Aa said...

The word that comes to mind is "creepy". I've heard it numerous times from different people. Also, some reporters asked those who'd worked with him on the Bush campaign what they thought of him...and at least two said "creepy" or some variant.

11:30 AM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

I concur.

8:16 AM  

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