Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Kevin Drum Is Sick Of Conservatives Being Babies

Harsh, but fair.
   Furthermore, we minimize the odds of another Iraq-type debacle if we tell the truth about what happened. It may be difficult for people who fought there to hear, but better that than that another 4 1/2 thousand should die (and 30,000 be wounded) in another moronic war in the future. (And that's just U.S. deaths, of course.) Furthermore, if we go into a disastrous war stupidly, blame the people who took us there; don't blame those who point out that it was disastrous and stupid.
   This whiny rhetorical BS from (some!! Not all!!) conservatives really is infuriating. They really do need to snap out of it...and those who aren't deluded in this way need to call BS on those who are.


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