Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hillary's E-Mails: My Epistemic Strategy

   I haven't had sufficient time nor interest to dig into the issue of HRC's emails. Acquiring even a passable understanding of every political and policy issue would be a full-time job. And I just can't make myself dig into this one yet. I felt bad about that, and have been fretting about it... Also, JQ likes to watch Fox News for amusement...and last night they were in rare form. From the apocalyptic tone and frenetic pace of the wall-to-wall coverage of the e-mail fiasco, I can only infer that Hillary is being dragged out of her house on one of those HannibalLecteresque hand trucks by Delta Force even as we speak. I mean FNC was on fire...
   It made me realize that my general attitude about this goes a little something like this:
 Whitewatergate: nothing. Troopergate: completely fake. Cocainegate: faker than fake. ClintonBodyCountGate: feverish, delusional right-wing fantasy. VinceFosterGate/WatermelonGate: batshit crazy fake. WatergateGate/HRC fired for being a liar: fake. LewinskyGate: politically-motivated prosecution of a private sexual affair. BENGHAZIBENGHAZIBENGHAZI!11: witch hunt.
   In brief: even someone dedicated to remaining non-partisan and open-minded can't justify taking the GOP seriously about the Clintons. They've cried wolf over and and over over again. They're crazy under the best of circumstances. And their Clinton Derangement Syndrome is, if anything, even more acute than their ODS...
   So...honestly, I don't see much reason to waste my time on this unless a consensus evolves among sane people that there's some semblance of a there there. The GOP screeching about the newest biggest Clinton scandal ever carries about as much weight with me as the Church of Scientology warning that Cthulhu-tron is about to return from the nth dimension to eat our engrams.


Anonymous Darius Jedburgh said...


Take it from me. It's really bad.

She had, on her own private server, documents that were way beyond top secret, such that elaborate protocols governed not only who could see them but the circumstances under which they were permitted to do so. Someone, whether herself or one of her staff, had in at least some cases removed the markers indicating that the documents had this status. During the period when such documents were on her server, we know that the Chinese hacked it, and have good reason to think the Russians did too.

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