Tuesday, January 26, 2016

CSULA Prof Calls Conservative Students "White Supremacists," Challenges Them to a (Wimpy) Fight

This guy needs an ass-kicking.
   But that aside: imagine, if you will, what would happen to a conservative professor who called a liberal students group...oh...I dunno...there's really no equivalent...but...Stalinists?  And then challenged them to a sort-of-a fight...  He'd be out the door before he knew what happened to him. What will happen to this asshat? My guess is: nothing.  
   Note also that he's...what? Challenging them to a wrestling match? Yeah, I'll bet those 19-year-old political science majors are pretty tough...
   One is reminded of Melissa Click's call for "muscle" to remove that pesky reporter... Just imagine what these people would be like if they ever really did seize full-blown political power. They seem barely able to restrain their violent totalitarian inclinations as it is.


Blogger The Mystic said...

Everyone's all "Fire him immediately!"

Seriously, the University should select someone to meet him on the mat and kick his ass.

And that would be an excellent solution to this problem. It would underscore that all opinions are up for discussion and investigation, including propositions of the kind: "I can kick your ass."

9:29 AM  

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