Saturday, December 19, 2015

NPR: The Long, "Necessary" History of Whiny Black Protesters At College

This seems extremely slanted even by the standards of NPR.
   It actually got my attention for several paragraphs. I thought it was good, and it made some points unusually clearly with a few poignant examples...but then the spinning started. The authors note that even many older blacks think that the students are whiny and unreasonable...but that is dismissed with some dishonest rhetorical footwork. The bullying, freaking out and shrieking at faculty because they dared to suggest there are other ways of thinking about Halloween costumes, etc. are dismissed as "heavy-handed," and excused with a shrug and a mention of the protesters' relative youth. There's no mention of the interminable lists of absurd demands, nor of the attempts to suppress dissenting speech. In the end, this is just one, long, strained attempt to paint an irrational movement as rational. There seems to be no understanding that many of the alleged crimes often cited (white students saying that they don't see race, wanting to touch black students' hair, etc.) simply do not warrant the kind of anger and outrage that's often been displayed. And that's something that everybody is qualified to make a judgment about.
   Anyway. Perhaps there's a reasonable case to be made on the side of the PCs in general and black student protesters in particular...but even if so, this thing from NPR isn't it. Maybe there're more truth fragments in it than I give it credit for...but if so, you can't prove it by me.


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