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Screening of "Stonewall" Postponed at Colorado College After Criticism By Leftist Students.

Link to Reason article.
Link to Colorado College Student paper.
Well here's some crazy for ya:
   Radicals Against Institutional Damage (R.A.I.D.). The group sent a letter signed by nine to key administration on campus expressing their views.
   “This film is discursively violent,” write the activists. “In a world where cisgender, white gay people have finally achieved “marriage equality” and many see the struggle as being over, it is reinforcing a hierarchy of oppression to invent someone who never existed and place them in a historically-based film with the express purpose of silencing more marginalized groups.”
   The Film and Media Studies Department argued that their decision to screen the film does not condone its content. Rather it is an attempt to engage with the executive producer and possibly, an opportunity to question some of the decisions made in the film’s representation of minorities.
   “For me as a scholar and queer person engaging with my environment it is essential to analyze and critique these representations in order to draw attention to what is at stake for queer folks and to engage with the stories that are being told and held as representative in mass media,” said Spanish and Portuguese Professor Naomi Wood.
Others argue that this critical discussion justification is a front.
   “Critical discussion is simply a way of engaging in respectability politics,” said first-year Amelia Eskani. “I think Colorado College should cancel the screening because the safety and well-being of queer and trans* students surpasses the importance of a critical discussion.” 
   Right. Showing a movie about homosexuals fighting for their rights might do "institutional damage" to the college because word that you don't agree with are "discursively violent," ergo represent a threat to the safety of people who disagree with them. There's also more later on about this being a treat to the relevant students' "identity and safety." 
   Also: if you are still laughing about "safe spaces," it's probably because you haven't yet heard of "brave spaces"... I don't know what they are, but they sound hilarious...
   Here's another bit:
“As we move forward from Monday’s conversation, there are many things I think we need to address,” said Dr. Heather Horton, Director of the Wellness Resource Center. “First among those is the immediate need to engage with communities and individuals to build our capacity to care for one another and ourselves. This kind of self-care and community-care is particularly important when we are engaged in activism.”
   People need to be slapping this stuff down hard. These people are illiberal radicals. They're totalitarians. It absolutely goes without saying that they can spew this nonsense all day long if they want...but no one should be taking anything they say the least bit seriously. This is some Scientology-level insanity and gobbledygook. A school that takes any such stuff seriously is making itself appear--and be--foolish.


Blogger The Mystic said...

Relevant quote: A zealot is one who, having lost sight of his aim, redoubles his effort.

-George Santayana

12:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You didn't mention that the the brave space and the safe space are the same space! "A safe and brave space", a space in which one is brave, brave in the face of... what? Some kind of danger?

I've beat on this drum before, but look past the superficial social justice buzzwords these people use to the (sorry about this) speech acts they're using them to perform. What emerges is not a story of radical zealotry but the recounting of a skirmish - a raid if you will - for resources by the para-faculty on the faculty. Of the four non-student direct quotations in the article, two come from staff member of "centers", one is an anonymous administration official (starting early, student journalist!), and only one comes from a professor. The professor's quote is her defending showing and discussing the movie: "it is essential to analyze..." The anonadmin also defends the film screening and tries to mollify RAID with provision of a "safe space" run by the Butler Center, the Associate Director of which is the next quote. Her quote says nothing about this issue at all, but is a justification for the use of center resources to create a "safe and brave" space. Finally, the last quote is from the Director of Wellness Resource Center (medical staff on hand? estimating zero), whose quote is statement of an "immediate need" to "engage" and "build our capacity".

RAID is not a puppet of the para-faculty, but it is its creature. Eighteen year olds don't come out of high school conceptualizing everything that happens in terms of safety, health, justice, and work, but they quickly learn that this kind of talk is how one gets solicitous attention, stuff, and a chance to boss around the teachers. ("Position of having to teach" is great.) And the reason this kind of language rewards the eighteen year olds is because "safety" and "wellness" are the terms that appear in budget justifications for the organizations that pass out rewards.

11:28 AM  
Blogger The Mystic said...

Also: “Inevitably, some students will have the burden of informing other students as well as staff and faculty about the problematic aspects of the film,” R.A.I.D wrote. “The conversation will, yet again, put queer students in the position of having to teach to justify the validity of our feelings, which is emotionally draining, difficult, and frankly, not our job.”

That's a great little synopsis of the Neo-PC view about feelings. They're tired of having to justify their opinions all the time; others just need to accept it and shut up.

12:03 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

Hahahaha...I, too, am in disbelief that I missed the co-extension of the "safe space" with the "brave space", A.

God, I never think of this stuff in terms of bureaucratic power-and-money grabs...but what you write does make sense... I wish that's *all* it were (though I realize that's not what you mean)... It'd be less dangerous than people actually believe that stuff...


Yeah, that bit you quote was one of my favorite bits, too. This is bad because I disagree with it and "inevitably" I'll "have the burden" of explaining to you cretins "the problematic aspects" of the movie. Such a burden! I'll have to "teach" (the usual buzzword here is "educate") you by way of justifying my (crackpot) fee-fees. This is "difficult, draining, and not my job"! But I have to do it! I have to! Inevitably! Thus you cannot watch this movie, because if you watch it I will HAVE to do something EXHAUSTING that is NOT MY JOB! Because IT'S PROBLEMATIC SEE????!!!!!????

These people are literally insane. I mean--not biologically so. But they've got a crackpot theory that runs as an insanity emulator.

On the bright side, most of these people will grow up to be embarrassed nearly to death by their childish ravings.

2:37 PM  

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