Saturday, November 14, 2015

Roger Kimball: The Rise of the College Crybullies; With Additional Comments on "Bullies"

   This is right. Kimball's book Tenured Radicals, written during the paleo-PC era, is also good.

   However, I wish people would note that the PC crazies aren't actually bullies in any important sense of the term...they're more like moral or political terrorists. They aren't going to actually hit anyone. They don't have the guts, fortunately. If these people did have guts and physical strength, then they'd pose a different kind of problem. As we've seen in the Yale and Mizzou videos, they're willing to use physical intimidation of a kind...but if they're not going to start throwing punches, it is, again, a different kind of thing. What they really do is scare away their opposition with threats of moral/political condemnation. They're crazy, corrupt, and possessed by a kind of totalitarian philosophical orientation...but their main weapon is nothing more than moral and political indignation and "shaming." Moral-ish condemnation is a powerful thing...but it's hardly impossible to stand up to. The real method of the neo-PCs is the same as that of the paleo-PCs. They simply dogpile people they disagree with, calling them names. Now, it's rather hard to be called a bigot, especially when you're strongly opposed to bigotry. 'Racism' is a particularly powerful word. However, if sane people would stop bursting into tears, running away, and abandoning their positions at the first sign of crackpot accusations from massed lunatics, said lunatics would lose virtually all of their power.
   I fear that we've become a rather cowardly lot. Running away because some shrieky rich college kids call you names...that's pretty sad any way you look at it.


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