Friday, November 20, 2015

Politifact: 5 Questions About Syrian Refugees


   Not sure what we should do yet, but it seems to me that presumption goes to helping refugees, and the burden of proof is on opposition thereto.
   Drum argues that--for reasons that he spins as purely political--Dems should throttle back on the mockery of people who are concerned about Syrian immigrants. But this seems true for not-merely-political reasons: concern about this is perfectly rational. Sadly, liberals seem to think that conservatives are obviously wrong about everything. Which is idiotic. Not to mention: annoying as hell. (Yeah, ok, I guess conservatives think the same thing about liberals. But let's skip the tu quoques for right now.)
   Anyway. I haven't yet been convinced that we should turn away Syrian refugees. I do have more-than-fleeting concerns about European nations that are taking massive numbers in a much less systematic way than we will. They also seem to have less luck with assimilation than we have.


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