Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Here's A Really Terrible Article On Racism From CNN

Whelp, here's an extremely one-sided little essay about racism.
   The U.S. has a significant problem with race. That seems undeniable.
   But that doesn't mean that we should mindlessly accept every jumble of arguments coming from the left, academic or otherwise.
   I don't think that all of this is wrong, but a lot of it is questionable as hell. The problem we face is plenty bad and plenty hard without hyperbolizing. But there are sectors of the left that simply will not be satisfied until we have accepted as orthodoxy the theory--and it is a theory--that we are all horrible, horrible racists, but our racism is too subtle for us to detect (though sociologists can detect it!), so no matter how fair we think we are, no matter how hard we try, no matter how successful in this respect we might seem, we're still evil. Deny it and it shows that you're even more evil than those who at least readily--eagerly--admit their sinfulness... After all, some people are bad at admitting their bias! So you must be bad at it, too...  In fact (I really like this bit): the smarter you are, the more corrupt you might be... Don't think your brains can eliminate sin...that's just hubris on top of everything else...
   And that's really what's up here. This is a kind of secular sin. It's never enough to simply be a good person, unprejudiced by any reasonable standard. The sin runs too deep in you. It is original. And all you can do is accept your sinful nature... Deny it, and you are a liar--or deluded--on top of everything else.
   Though in this secular fable, there's not even any hope of grace. No hope of forgiveness.
   This is a counsel of despair. That, of course, doesn't make it false...  But you'd better ask for better arguments than this one before you accept a theory according to which our situation is hopeless.


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