Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Death Threats Spread Fear At Mizzou

   Does anybody have any clear idea what to think about this?
   My first reaction was: Here go the PC victimologists again, exaggerating their danger and fear, largely out of self-indulgence and a love for drama, largely as a political tactic, since weakness is now strength...
   OTOH, since at least the Charleston church murders, one might rationally fear that such threats are for real.
   Though both could be true...
   As for the rednecks driving around and yelling racial slurs: they are absolutely begging for an ass-kicking, and I very, very, very much hope they get receive one. At least one...
   Of course PC encourages people to exaggerate and make things up, so some of the reports are very likely to be that stuff in action. (Some reports, e.g. of the Klan on campus, have already apparently been debunked.)
   Maybe it's setting the bar too high, but it's tempting to compare these protesters to those of the civil rights era. Whereas the latter walked peacefully into certain danger, knowing with near-certainty that they'd be the targets of severe physical violence, the current Mizzou protesters are themselves bullies who use intimidation and actions tantamount to assault against the press, and seem undone by rumors of even possible violence...
   On the bright side--really digging for a bright side here--maybe we should thank Dr. King and company that students today have this kind of luxury...?


Blogger Aa said...

Actually my daughter attends Mizzou so I get updates via email...the police arrested the person making the death threats.

8:11 AM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

Great news, thanks Aa.

8:34 AM  

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