Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Cardiff Has No Plans To Cancel Germaine Greer Talk

Honestly, I expected them to fold.
As I have said several times: when political correctness was ascendant in the late '80's-early '90's, it started, for awhile, to look like it was unstoppable. Then people farther and farther from the fringes/closer and closer to the center started to get wind of the thing. Centrist liberals were less easily fooled/cowed by the illiberal left than lefter liberals. When liberals started opposing PC, that was the beginning of the end, as I recall. Criticism from conservatives merely gives more power to it, especially since so many liberals automatically defend anything conservatives attack.
Anyway...I keep expecting signs of a turning point...though I fear it might not happen or might not be as easy as last time. We have the internet now, a highly-efficient concentrator of crazy.
Anyway. A small victory at Cardiff seems plausible. Maybe even a medium-sized one.


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