Thursday, October 15, 2015

Oxford Feminist Activist Admits to "Rape"

   Yeah...who knows what's going on here?
   I put 'rape' in scare quotes in the post title...but that doesn't mean that either Teriba or the publication on the other end of the link uses the term. They don't. But...
   ...imagine these people describing a male as having "initiated non-consensual sex"...
   And also realize that these people are batshit insane, and that what they count as non-consensual is not necessarily actually non-consensual. E.g. Teriba might have "established consent" with respect to touching the other person's right brea...uh...non-sex-specific chest-region...but failed to establish it for her partner's left non-sex-specific chest region...
...or she might just be a rapist.
Who knows?
There is no more telling what the facts are like about a sexual encounter from what these crazy people say than there is telling about the history of the Earth from rantings of Joseph Smith or L. Ron Hubbard.

Here's something (by Deborah C. Tyler) on this from The American "Thinker"...not the sort of place I normally find things with any value in them...but this one's pretty good."


Blogger The Mystic said...

Disclaimer - Speculation follows:

Wow, wouldja look at that? Not only is their insane ideology causing them to eat each other, but it looks like this might be evidence that at least one of the poor saps consumed by this ideological insanity has begun to eat herself.

This is some serious derangement. My guess: she was bsaically told that the guy she slept with regrets it, and in solemnly discussing it, he mentioned that he just kinda went along with it without protesting too much, and she now, as a consequence of her insanity, is compelled to believe that she is a violent rapist.

She probably touched some guy's shoulder in a bar while drunk and now thinks she's an alcoholic prone to sexual assault.

I've seen this sort of thing before, but usually in the context of religious cults predisposed to self-flagellation and irrational commitment to the notion that human beings are invariably worthless sinners.

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