Thursday, October 29, 2015

Keith Humphreys Worries All The Time About Getting Shot

This is just weird.
   I interact online with some rather--or so I'd characterize them--over-the-top anti-firearm people. They are fond of accusing gun-owners of being constantly terrified of violence (hence their desire for a gun in the house). That's...not true. I guess probably some gun-owners are like that...but none that I've known. But maybe some anti-firearm types are constantly/frequently afraid of getting shot while out in public?
   Which would also be weird if you've lived in the places that I've lived...but I realize there are many places where that might be rational. I doubt that Keith Humphreys lives in those places though...
   I've been running into so much anti-gun looniness, though, that I am pretty sure I'm being pushed to the other side of the spectrum. I'm trying to resist, but I'm cantankerous like that. It's one of my many known flaws.
   Anyway. I just don't think that the specter of gun violence is really looming over Americans at every turn. And I think that in most parts of the country it's the height of irrationality to believe that it is.


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