Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Pox On Both Their Houses: Williams Disinvites Kooky Anti-Feminist From "Uncomfortable Learning" Lecture Series

Williams, and some all-too-familiar-by-now PC idiocy.
Suzanne Venker (niece of Phyllis Schlafly...not making that up...), the woman they inexplicably invited, then incoherently dis-invited.
Seriously, all of you people are stupid.
This actually sounds like a set-up to me, anyway. Instead of inviting a critic of feminism that presents a genuine challenge to the view (e.g. C. H. Sommers, Cathy Young), they invite this Venker person? That's like inviting a real, live straw man for the express purpose of shredding it... And I'd bet at least a bit of money that that's exactly what they had in mind. But their plans were thwarted by their even loonier, even leftier comrades, who think the fact that someone on their campus saying something they disagree with is equivalent to physical violence. (All speculative...bad philosoraptor...bad!)
You're all idiots.
Though, honestly, there's a way in which maybe the banners are better. At least they're straight-up about it. At least it's honest. They're not bringing someone in to strengthen their collective delusion that their views are rational. They're just straight-up eschewing rationality altogether...

And don't forget, this is an institution entrusted with the education of young, impressionable minds...


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