Friday, October 30, 2015

A Facepalm-Inducing Post On the Anna Stubblefield Case At The "Discrimination and Disadvantage" Blog

   It's not that there's absolutely nothing of any possible value in all that. It's rather that there's far, far too little of value. And, much more importantly, that these people are chasing their own tails in these ever-more-baroque attempts to characterize everything in terms of "privilege," discrimination, disadvantage, racism, bias, etc. etc. etc.   A concern for fairness turns into moral fanaticism and an almost religious kind of detachment from reality. The attempt to ferret out every more subtle and fine-grained alleged varieties/instances of prejudice becomes pathological at some point. I'm not even sure that people have any ability to make such fine-grained moral discriminations.

   Perhaps even more disturbingly, we discover in that post that there exists a Routledge Handbook On Epistemic Injustice...
   And the facepalm-inducing news just keeps on coming...


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I know what someone's getting for his birthday!

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