Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The Valorization of Victimhood

   This is kind of interesting, though hardly earth-shaking. I tend to not be blown away by this kind of social-psychological account, but this hews pretty closely to common sense at crucial points. At any rate, I say it's worth a glance.
   The SJW / neo- PCs remind me of a tactic from childhood an old gf of mine would use. Like a lot of couples, we had a tendency to mess with each other, especially in public--tripping and poking each other, stopping dead unexpectedly if the other one is following so that the other person crashes into you, all that kind of stupid stuff. Her trump card, when in public, would be to loudly exclaim "Ow!" or "Quit it!" unprovoked. She and her siblings would do this as kids in an attempt to get their parents to conclude that one of the other kids was the assailant, ideally getting the other sibling in trouble. I explained that this seemed like a good way to get me put in jail. This failed to dissuade her. She was as hard case, man. A formidable opponent.  Anyway, the PC crowd uses a similar tactic: cry foul as a general policy. It's power through (perceived/alleged) weakness. This is why individuals and groups on the left spend so much time jockeying for position at the bottom of the social/political totem pole.  Pole position--maximal disadvantage--is a crucial advantage in these battles for strength through weakness, where what's wanted is to convince others that you are at the back of the pack. Imagine how happy, strong and successful you would be if not for these damnable and crippling disadvantages! Ressentiment, man. Slave morality. Nietzsche had these people's number before they even existed.
   Something something conclusion something something.


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