Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Since Everybody's A Racist, Everybody Should Just Go Ahead And Admit It

   I mean...all white people are racists of course! Ha ha! As we know! As we also know, it is impossible for non-whites to be racist!  Because racism is something something institutional something sociology, and has nothing to do with personal characteristics like disliking other races and/or thinking them inferior! Even blacks who passionately hate whites on racial grounds are not racists! They are mere bigots! It is conceptually impossible for them to be racist! But whiteness itself by its very nature is oppressive regardless of the actual beliefs and actions of the individual! The neo- PCs / SJWs have taught us this! it does seem to have to do with personal stuff again because...apparently this is what people are flagellating themselves about... So...basically people on the cutting edge of the post-post-modern mish-mash have not figured out exactly how to optimize all these factors to maximize derision for white people... But they're working on the problem non-stop.  
   I mean seriously. Racist bullshit is bad enough in this country without making up a whole new load of equal and opposite racist bullshit that does absolutely not one bloody damn thing to decrease the amount of the old racist bullshit. MLK is rolling over in his grave.
   Here's one reason why some people won't "admit" they're racists: because they aren't. Bogus accusations of racism are currently the height of fashion...and it's hardly surprising that people deny false accusations. So with lots of false, morally serious, and extremely angrifying charges flying around, you really ought to expect a lot of denials, too.
   To my mind, an irresponsible charge of racism is fighting words. 
   And I'm inclined to think that anyone who thinks differently doesn't fully appreciate how repugnant racism is. 
   But...the left does love Freud...and if Freud taught us anything, it's that if you say you're not something that means you really totally super-duper are that thing...

   In general, it would be good if people were better about taking criticism, and better at admitting ignorance and error. But racism is not a special case. There's no reason to single it out. The lefty-left's m.o. is to try to turn every miscue and slip of the tongue into Z0MG RACISM!!!!111  And the flagellant white lefties love nothing better than publicly debasing themselves for their crimes. It really is pathetic and grotesque.
   By all means, try to be honest about your errors. We all make them. We all make pretty bad errors sometimes. But my God the race crisis hysteria is getting to be a bit much. I'm somebody who's been given to fretting about this country's problems with race and racism most of my life...but even I'm repulsed by the current quasi-religious fervor about it. 


Blogger The Mystic said...

Hey, that Calgary link is quite a find! It's one of the most concise attempts at explaining the crazy position which I've seen, and it really hits all the highlights. Usually, PoMoers are reluctant to generate garbage of this density; all the points in this site are typically found scattered through circuitous, rambling pages of pseudo-philosophical tripe loaded with neologisms intended to obfuscate the discussion.

But here, it just frankly states the absurdities; race has no biological basis, race is socially constructed, "white" totally doesn't refer to skin color...

Good example material.

9:30 AM  

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