Friday, September 04, 2015

Foreign Policy Is Easy For Republicans When Democrats Are In Office

   Don't click on this. It's dreck from Michael Gerson. Dreck is his specialty.
   It's not that I think that Obama'd Middle East policy has been fantastic. It's rather that I think that it's been reasonable. He's pretty much always picked an option that was in the ballpark, with respect to a region in which there are often no good options. That makes his decisions downright Soloman-like compared to those of his predecessor.
   It's easy, with respect to such topics, to just list all the weakenesses of a given decision without listing their strengths. If you act like a lawyer and pretend that the truth is all on your side, and relentlessly seek to spin the reasons on the other side as bad or trivial...well, that's a way to make a persuasive case, but not a rational one. Which is, of course, what Gerson's all about. Except for the persuasive part. It's actually not even that, really, unless you just haven't been keeping up with actual, y'know, events...
  So he's not worth paying attention to.
  So I shouldn't be paying attention to him.
  And neither, IMO, should you.


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