Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Campus Rape Ruling Reversed

   You may remember the case of Drew Sterrett, falsely accused of rape by a fellow Michigan student. After 4 years, he's finally gotten the university to declare the charges null and void. Given that the charges were absurd, and that we can say with certainty that they were patently false and, in fact, vindictive, this doesn't strike me as being nearly adequate... But it's something.
   It is extremely important to fight back against rape crisis hysteria. And it's important to fight back because it is insane and unjust, not just because it has bad consequences for the problem of actual rape. It does, of course, and that's a second problem with it. But it's important to realize that this insanity would need to be fought even if it didn't have such consequences.
   Sadly, the Obama administration seems to have come down on the wrong side of this mess.


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