Monday, May 04, 2015

Megan Garber: An Optimist's Guide To Political Correctness

   It's just empathy, you see!
   Funny how we didn't get "An Optimist's Guide To The Tea Party," telling us that the TP is really just about the wholesome, welcome, rational recognition that government can't solve all our problems...
   The handiest thing you can have is a rheostat on your critical faculties...


Blogger The Mystic said...

You know...the more I read these articles, the more I realize the Neo-PC losers are doing only one thing: whining about being called losers. Finally, my pitiful generation of Cobain worshipers has grown up and turned their endless, disgusting self-pity into a political movement.

But that's it. That's the ENTIRE fucking thing. The Neo-PCers want other people to unequivocally praise, embrace, and cherish them...OR BE REJECTED BY THEM. THEN THE MEAN STUPID-HEADS WILL KNOW THE PAIN THEY KNOW!

All the offense and "oppression" and blah blah - it all amounts to using stronger words to try to escalate others' opinions of the severity of abuse to which they are subjected. I reference Cobain above because I used to catch a lot of flak for rejecting his music as emblematic of this loathsome self-pity. In the retorts from angry Nirvana fans, I would regularly see the seeds germinating here. These people have felt ostracized and humiliated all their lives, often despite this being utterly factually incorrect, and despite never suffering through any genuine human disaster. Unable to tolerate having only themselves to blame for their misery, they want others to agree with them that they have been horribly victimized.

I've always thought little of my generation, but damn if they don't try to outdo themselves regularly.

So the Neo-PCers want their identities to be regaled by society as unassailable, compulsorily lauded, and celebrated by all. If they get anything less, you better load up on trigger warnings or they'll get all their emo friends and tweet all up and down your ass.

I just can't be bothered to care about this nonsense. It'll die out like it did in the '90s. While I accept that the movement is full of totalitarian fantasies, I reject that the sort of weak-willed, pitiable characters involved are remotely worthy of my fear and/or concern. If they come after me, all I need to do is lightly poke fun at whatever acronym or label they affiliate themselves with and walk away before they can stop crying and hugging each other.

And that's the biggest irony here - the one which is most telling of the real motive behind the Neo-PC hogwash; when discussing the various ostensibly respectable identities with which Neo-PCers affiliate themselves, the movement is purportedly all about acceptance and the dissolution of stereotypes, but as soon as they are left to make up their own minds about themselves, all they can do is scramble for the nearest stereotypical label/group like someone just flipped the lights on in the garden shed.

This is all very thoroughly refined trash masquerading as thought. It usually gets its start in middle school, but some people just never outgrow it.

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