Thursday, December 11, 2014

If We Should Believe Every Rape Accusation, Why Are Feminists et al. Bashing Rolling Stone For Not Confirming Jackie's Story?

   The leftosphere is mad. And not just a little bit. The leftier  regions of the web are furious at Rolling Stone, and seem to be attributing basically all the blame to them. (Not so much to the author of the piece, curiously...but to the magazine as a whole).
   But if every rape accusation should be believed, then Jackie's accusation, despite its extraordinary implausibility, should also have been believed. So Rolling Stone did something wrong only if the principle that every rape accusation should be believed is false. But the leftward web can't have it both ways.
   Consistency is not the strong suit of either extreme edge of the political spectrum, however. In fact I sometimes wonder if it's immunity to cognitive dissonance that allows people to gravitate to one or the other edge of the spectrum.
   At any I overlooking some obvious response to this objection?


Blogger The Mystic said...

Well, if you're looking for a hypothetical argument in the interest of maintaining some sort of internal coherence for the insane position, I presume it would go something like this:

Journalists are obligated to provide all the relevant information at least in part so that victim-blamers won't be able to point to journalistic issues in their misogynistic attempts to discredit the victim.

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