Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Hanna Rosin and Allison Benedikt on the Alleged UVA Gang Rape: The Missing Men

Why didn't a Rolling Stone writer talk to the alleged perpetrators of a gang rape at UVA?
   Most interesting quote, from Caitlin Flanagan, who wrote a well-known piece for the Atlantic about bad behavior at fraternities:
In all my time studying fraternity rapes for my own essay, I didn’t come across a single report of anything like this. I did find reports of women who were raped by multiple men on one night—but those always involved incapacitation, either by alcohol or a drugged drink. And I did also find accounts of violent, push-down rape of the kind in the essay—but those were always by one member, not a bunch of members. (In fact, many of that kind—now that I think about it—were committed by non-members, or by visiting former members). But a planned gang rape, without alcohol or drugs, and keyed to initiation—I have never seen a case like that. Nor have I seen penetration with a foreign object—I’ve seen plenty of that committed by brothers to pledges as hazing, but I haven’t seen it in sexual assault cases. I’m sure it’s happened, but again—as part of a ritualized gang rape ... Never anything like it.
This is basically one of the arguments I made against the plausibility of the story (not that I'd never heard of such a thing...but that it just didn't seem likely.


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