Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Game Reviewer Gets Rape Threats from Boys; Contacts Their Mommies

   Via Reddit
   WTF??? Sometimes I think that a certain percentage of dudes--what? 5%? 15%--I don't know--are just a different species. Like Klingons or Morlocks or something. How does something like this even occur to someone? How is it that the thought "Hey, maybe I'll send a rape threat?" even pop into someone's head? Is it less bad that these are kids? Or worse? Again I ask: WTF?
  I see people shrug the stuff off as internet background noise... But my consciousness was formed in a pre-web world in which something on the order of a ****ing rape threat would be responded to with an ass-beating by the nearest sane person. I do realize that anonymity makes this much more difficult... And it's alarming what this internet Ring of Gyges brings out in people.
   Well, more power to Pearce. One one of four parents seems to have responded to her. Let's hope that the other three are just afraid of prosecution or exposure or something, and are punishing the hell out of their demon spawn in private.
   What the hell gets into people?


Blogger The Mystic said...

I would love to know what it was like to have grown up in a world where the Internet background noise wasn't a constant given. I wonder if I'd have a better or worse view of humanity. I really have no idea.

Whatever my mindset would have been, as it currently stands, this stuff doesn't surprise me in the least. Kids have access to more power than they can manage, and they do outrageously stupid things. Hell, if you saw/heard what goes on in just about every game of Call of Duty (garbage game, but good example here), you would, like me, probably spend more time wondering what it is that's keeping the apparently thousands, if not millions, of insane people from committing atrocities every single day.

Probably cowardice and a strong government, and not much else. Were the US government suddenly reduced in strength to that of Afghanistan, we'd face the same gang/tribal/sectarian violence and warfare.

About 25% of people on this planet appear to be flat-out insane. It seems outlandish, but true, and it causes me to worry that I am only sane because of some set of circumstances in my life to which I give too little credit.

'Cause regardless of all that, I'm still with you - wtf gets into people? I do recall having violent urges spurred on by my perception of society as an unholy garbage bin of sin and depravity, but I never once thought up a rape threat or indiscriminate violence. It simply holds no appeal to me.

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