Monday, December 01, 2014

Cleveland Police Shot 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice Withing Seconds Of Arriving On The Scene

   This seems utterly insane.
   The police drove right up on the kid and, it seems, shot him more-or-less immediately. If you think a person is dangerous, it doesn't seem to make any sense to drive the car so close to him. It seems that you'd stop at a reasonable distance and use the car for cover, rather than giving him a point-blank shot at you as you exit the car. I can understand the police being surprised and alarmed...but they'd already apparently been warned that there was a (probably fake) gun involved. And, well, this was a 12-year-old... If they planned to shoot under such circumstances, then they basically planned to allow a kid's life to depend on whether or not he did something, well, childish.
   I do realize that I don't know anything about proper police procedure...but this case seems much, much clearer--and worse--to me than the Michael Brown case.
   What am I missing here?


Blogger The Mystic said...

Well, apparently the dispatcher did not relay to the police that the gun was probably fake.

But, I agree with your assessment of their approach tactics - wtf? If the kid were a deranged man with an actual firearm, that was straight n00b behavior on behalf of the police. Who drives right up next to the guy, giving him the first shot(s)? I've seen more intelligent play from morons in video games whose typical modus operandi involves blowing themselves up with their own grenades.

Very strange. The only inference I can draw is that those are some idiotic police officers. I have no idea why they didn't, y'know, park a safe distance away and address the kid with the loudspeaker or something sane like that.. I'd wager that they were bored and gung-ho, and they now severely regret their behavior.

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