Tuesday, December 02, 2014


   I am so totally psyched about this game that...that...I can't even finish a sentence that purports to express how psyched I am!!!111 THAT'S HOW PSYCHED I AM
   Ahem. This is really just because I really like Iowa and always look forward to playing them. This is largely a holdover from the Dr. Tom era. Oh, man, those games--Davis vs. Dean--were great. 
   Everybody always said "you can't press Carolina" during the Dean era--and you kinda couldn't...so nobody did... Except for Iowa, who pressed everybody, all the time, and did it damn well. And since almost nobody ever did try to press Carolina, and since Iowa was so good at it--and utterly, implacably relentless about it--they won the games I remember. Awesome, awesome basketball. I think that Iowa was like the only visiting team with a winning record in the Dean Dome for quite some time...
   Anyway, though Dr. Tom and the maniacal press are of the past, I still love Iowa, and always look forward to the ACC-Big Ten challenge. The Big Ten is actually my favorite conference, and I'm basically psyched to play any of those teams.
   The Heels never really showed up for the Butler game, but then squashed UCLA, and did a good job on Florida. Bunch of great kids with great chemistry, and at least as much fun to watch as the 2012 squad.

   Alright then...Go Tar Heels! Beat the Hawkeyes!


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