Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"Don't Do Stupid Stuff" Is, In Fact, A Damn Fine Principle Of Foreign Policy

And not a "gaff"

Imagine how much better off the world would be if Bush and Cheney had had even the dimmest grasp of that principle...

Basically, this is why I'm so pro-Obama: he can be trusted to do very little stupid shit.

With Bush (to take an extreme and obvious example), you held your breath every day when opening up the Washington Post. What godawful trainwreck might have been set in motion by administrative incompetence while you slept? You just never knew...

Obama can be trusted to consistently make decisions that are, at least, in the ballpark.

And that is Job One for a president.

Don't try to save the world...just try not to set it on fire...

And HRC, who has complained that the principle is too modest, was not herself able to accord with it in the Senate, having voted to authorize the Iraq debacle.

So, while we can aspire to more under certain circumstances, just living up to Obama's modest, negative principle has proven to be too difficult for many.

But a damn fine principle it is.


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