Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Washington and Lee to Remove Confederate Flags From Lee Chapel


Don't know what to think about this. I guess I'd have thought that this was a case in which the presence of Confederate flags was pretty reasonable...  But also I don't think I have much of a sense of what it is like to see it there as a black student.

I do worry that this might be a bad time to make the decision--we're in the midst of a paroxysm of over-sensitivity and crackpot lefty activism, and it's the kind of decision that would probably never be reversed even if we did realize later that it was a bad one.

I don't have a whole lot of sympathy for the whole Confederate flag thing...but this does seem to be an extremely atypical case. It seems more like having one in a museum than like having one on a flagpole at your house (we've got plenty of those, incidentally...)

Though I haven't been down there in several years...perhaps having the experience of walking into the chapel again would be informative...though, again...white

tl;dr: I don't know.


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