Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Drum: If The Left Wants Scapegoats, Just Look In The Mirror

I basically agree with everything in this post.

Except for bits about moving the country to the left...  I'm not sure I have any desire to do that anymore.

Oh, sure...we need campaign finance reform. And sane banking restrictions. Legalized weed would be a step in the direction of sanity, but it's hardly a major cause... Reign in domestic surveillance...if, indeed, we have the straight dope on it at this point...

But, really, I just don't long for a more liberal country anymore. Not right now anyway. Now that we've got the ACA--that was a truly desperate need--I'm happy to stop and maintain and assess. Job 1 is keeping the GOP crazies out of power until something resembling sanity returns to the party.

But that's all basically about an almost-afterthought in the Drum piece.

I think he's exactly right about the main points.


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