Saturday, June 28, 2014

Smearing Paul Ryan By Associating Him With The Previously-Smeared Charles Murray; or: Liberals Need To Stop Calling Everybody Racist

Sullivan, getting it right.

Liberals really have to stop doing and tolerating this kind of thing--cavalierly flinging around charges of racism. News freaking flash: not every conservative is a racist. And not everyone who refuses to genuflect at liberal shibboleths is a racist. And not everyone who rejects the claim that all groups are equal in all ways is a racist.

Accusing someone of being a racist on weak grounds is wrong. Though--speaking of things that piss me off about liberalism and the lefty-left--sometimes the only way to get people to throttle back on this stuff is to use the loathsome "harms the cause" argument: unjustified charges of racism undermine the cause of fighting actual racism by devaluing charges of racism. I myself rarely take charges of racism or sexism coming from the lefty-left seriously, since those charges are thrown around so indiscriminately over there. Most are false, so there's little reason to take any randomly-selected charge seriously. More centrist liberals are less bad about this stuff, but they're still too tolerant of it.


Blogger Dark Avenger said...

Is Charles Murray worth defending, given his opinion of progressives?

It is that core philosophy extolling the urge to mold society that still animates progressives today—a mind-set that produces the shutdown of debate and growing intolerance that we are witnessing in today’s America. Such thinking on the left also is behind the rationales for indulging President Obama in his anti-Constitutional use of executive power. If you want substantiation for what I’m saying, read Jonah Goldberg’s 2008 book “Liberal Fascism,” an erudite and closely argued exposition of American progressivism and its subsequent effects on liberalism. The title is all too accurate.

Anyone who takes the Doughy Pantload and his Liberal Fascism book seriously can't be taken seriously by anyone with a functioning cerebral cortex. I'm just saying.


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