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This is stupid.

I don't care about mother's day or father's day one way or another. Mother's day didn't seem to matter much to mom, but I'd get her a present every year and give her a call. This last Mother's Day was the first one since she died, and it was an occasion for an extra little twinge, but, really, I've just never seen that it was a big deal. And Father's Day is the same deal. Perhaps I'd feel different if I were a dad, but I don't think so. Just seems like a manufactured holiday to me.

But the fact that it has specifically to do with fathers, i.e. male parents, is a very, very, very, very stupid reason for getting your panties in a bunch about it.

Honestly. The nuttiness on the right is more dangerous--global warming denialism and suchlike. But the nuttiness on the left just seems more nauseatingly idiotic and repulsive to me. It's like they've got a few little half-baked ideas, and they just apply them indiscriminately any time they think they can find some half-assed application for them. Sex discrimination is bad--true! Everyone knows this. But that doesn't mean that every single instance of anything that distinguishes among people on the basis of their sex is bad.

In this case, for example, the guy whining about father's day is homosexual, and so there are two fathers in his household. Right. This raises exactly zero problems. And the dude who wrote the piece above identifies exactly zero problems. After being careful to inform us that he and his husband are white and their daughter is black--wouldn't want that fact to go unnoticed!--he talks a bit about Mother's Day...which raises basically no problems either...

First, Mother's Day is a day to focus on your mother--if you have one. Lots of people don't have one. It's sad, but it's sad not because of anything to do with Mother's Day. Two dads? Ok, well, that's twice the Father's Day, none of the Mother's Day. No biggie.

Furthermore, dude points out that his daughter has grandmothers. Again, problem solved. Even though there wasn't a problem.

So: you buy zero cards for Mothers' Day (or: you buy two for your grandmas) and you buy two for Fathers' Day.

Serious question: why bend over backwards to frantically grasp for a very stupid point in an attempt to manufacture a problem that simply isn't there? Why, oh, why?

(One thought that suggests itself: the lefty-left can never be truly happy about anything unless they are being oppressed. Not, y'know, really oppressed...because that's no fun... But the kind of "oppressed" that gives you the feeling of martyrdom without the pesky actual hardship...)

Finally: Mother's Day and Father's Day are not "gendered." They have nothing to do with "gender." They have to do with sex. A father is a male parent; a mother is a female parent. 'Sex' marks the male/female distinction. Gender marks the masculine/feminine distinction.

Annoying that the people who are always lecturing the rest of us on this stuff can't get this very simple distinction right...

...and are just generally so bad at all this.

The fact that distinguishing among people on the basis of sex is sometimes bad does not mean that it is always bad. And there is absolutely nothing bad about the Mothers' Day/Fathers' Day thing.

The more general problem, however, is the moral fanaticism of the lefty-left. They really, really, really love telling everyone else what they should be doing. These people are the lefty analogs of the holier-than-thou hyper-Christians on the right. They're not happy if they're not trying to manifest their own special virtue by scolding you about some minor aspect of your life.

The even more general problem is just plain dumbassery. The flat-out lack of even minimal amounts of actual thought involved in this crap is...oh, hell, I don't even know what to say. It's not as if this is some dark pit of intense's more like...a dirt clod. There's just no thinking in it.

Then there's the whole twitification (twitrification?) of public discourse...but that's different damn thing.

In conclusion: why are people so damn stupid?


Blogger Random Michelle K said...

In conclusion: why are people so damn stupid?

Because we are rarely eaten by giant predators to weed out the stupid?

Some people like to be pissed off. I don't get it, but there it is. If their life is good, they have to find some Terrible Horrible Drama.

I gave my father homemade strawberry ice cream for Father's Day. Take THAT Hallmark!

11:37 AM  

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